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Aie Angek Cottage, View of Paradise

An inn with a refreshing natural charm present in Nagari Aie Angek, Sub X Koto Tanahdatar, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The distance is about 80 km from the international airport in the desert Minangkabau, Indonesia. Aie Angek cottages present as right choice to stay and feel at home culturally Minang culture Fadli Zon.

Flanked by three mountains.

The atmosphere and fresh mountain are felt while in this cottage. The atmosphere of unspoiled nature, sometimes shrouded in thick fog that makes the air around it was very cold. Aie Angek flanked three mountain cottage that is Singgalang, Merapi and Tandikat. Beautiful view and fresh air into this cottage more value. It lies at 1.100 meters above sea level making the existing natural view can be enjoyed perfectly.

A perfect retreat situated in West Sumatra at an altitude 1.100 meters (3600 feet) above sea level, offers spectacular view on surrounding volcanic origin Mount Merapi ( 2981m ), Mount Singgalang (2,877 m ) and Mount Tandikat (2438m).

Building Design

Adopting a modern building with a touch of local Minang, making Aie Angek cottages blend with nature. The architect, Syaiful Hadi exploit the use of local glass and accessories to be a memorable hallmark. Consisting of 22 bedrooms with swimming pool, meeting rooms, educational. Minang culture, natural scenery, and others. Aie Angek Cottage not only provide lodging to enjoy the natural atmosphere of the mountains, guests can also feel the touch of culture in the home culture Fadli Zon, such as: paintings, artifacts plow the fields, stone axes, paintings, artifacts buffalo head and so on.

Likewise, the interior remains as forward elements of local distinctive character cottage. There are many local accessories such as songket, the use of furniture, flooring and other natural stone.

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