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Fadli Zon’s Culture House

August 12, 2011

Home culture. Shape modern building with a local touch to the roof

Occupying an area of 6.500 m2, Aie Angek Cottage consists of several buildings which have different functions. Upon entering we immediately encounter complex cottage house Taufiq Ismail poetry (Poets Indonesia). A house used as a living monument by the poet. Various activities such as writing poetry, teaching literature, discussions, galleries and others are often conducted here. Located right in front of the house there is accommodation for literary poetry. The house is only for writers who stay for several weeks. Fadli Zon offers two bedrooms for the writers to stay, to produce work and created an activity. Which ever comes Culture House Fadli Zon, among others: Ahmad Tohari, Zamawi Imron, Ajip Rosidi, and Siti Zainun (Malaysia).

The next building with the glass into the home of cultural domination Fadli Zon. This building also functioned as a lobby and dining area cottage guests staying. There are various meeting rooms and meeting facilities that can accommodate about 250 people. Local order so obvious, such as paintings of political figures and historical origin Minang listed on one wall, such as: Hatta, Syahrir, M. Yamin, Rasuna Said, Anwar, and so on. Fadli Zon goal is to provide something different to every guest. Although they could stay only, Fadli Zon want to give a touch and knowledge of the Minang culture, so that guests can get a lot of insight about the area Minang. Will also be held a variety of regional cultures, such as: Saluang, literary and cultural discussion.

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